All that's in between A brand new life and I is time But time has not been kind. It's not been kind to me. It's winding backwards.


fav hair color in the last year. also, good job to brian on that makeup. 

favourite human in the last lifetime

but seeing new pictures of taylor and baylie come pretty close to it

Nothing would make me happier than Paramore adding Brighter to their setlist

PARAMORE - April 9th 2013

This is the album we were always meant to make. It just was never the right time until now.

it is a joke how much you have to learn for an exam that will require you to answer questions about 1 thing

paramore came out 365 days ago :o

Sorry I’m never online anymore. I won’t be posting properly until after June when my exams are over and I finish sixth form. I might start using my queue until then :)

i cried in the middle of a nightclub last night cause paramore came on what is my life

The Tumblr iPhone app is literally the worst thing

I’m on photoshop what’s going on