I used to be so quick, so clever. I used to know myself much better


I’ve been extremely busy these last couple of weeks and will continue to be for a large portion of the upcoming months. I don’t know how often I will get to post on this profile considering my new crazy tour schedule, but I wanted to leave you all with this. If there is any proof that life can change in the flip of a coin is this image right here. I woke up today bummed out and I’m going to bed having met an unbelievably, sweet, uplifting girl named yelyahwilliams . Sometimes things don’t go the way you want them to (for example I think this image is not exactly all in focus) but that doesn’t mean the outcome of the situation won’t be positive. Watching all day people come up to this young lady asking for photos, and seeing her each and every time respond with a smile or hug absolutely took me back. Many would say that it’s easy to stay happy when you have so much attention, but I would argue differently. It is (at least for me) very heavy and tedious to stay happy after meeting so many people and hearing about their problems/stories. Watching Hayley respond to everyone with such kindness reminded me that being happy is a choice; You always have a choice. A choice to think about the bad or the good, a choice to walk towards brighter light or lie in the dark. The suicide sign project has never been about telling people what to do. I started this project to encourage people to think differently, to think happier; to remind them that if given time, things do change.
Thanks for reminding me of all of those things today miss, it was truly a pleasure meeting you.

imagine being hayley tho




Me: leaves a photoshoot half way through to go punch seagulls and shake bushes for energy

but seriously the parafamily is literally the best fan base ever.

becoming a fan of 5sos is the best thing i have ever done, the majority of the fan base is fucking entertaining


And so if I have to I’m gonna leave you behind

What even is music racism?


Hayley’s Hair 2013-2014

pink and orange 5eva

my friends expect me to see the 1975 (ew) at reading instead of tonight alive and ymas. haha.

i wish i had friends that liked the same music as me….

I can’t stop falling in love with ashton irwin and I don’t think I will see the end anytime soon